Monday, July 20, 2009

Themed Reading Challenge WrapUp

I finished a challenge. It was Themed Reading Challenge (links to original post) hosted by caribousmom (links to challenge).

The 5 books I read are:

1. Tough Cookie- Diane Mott Davidson
2. Chocolate Bridal Bash- Joanna Carl
3. A Vision of Murder- Victoria Laurie
4. The Writing Class- Jincy Willett
5. Finger Lickin' Fifteen- Janet Evanovich

I had a good time with this one. It was nice to get back to some authors I enjoy, and maybe haven’t read for a while, and even got a new one in there. I think this challenge was good to remind me to take a break from the ‘must-reads’ and return to something I enjoy. It’s always good to make time for old favorites. Thanks for hosting Caribousmom! =D


Beth F said...

Congrats on finishing.

Wendy said...

You're welcome...and congrats on finishing! Well done :)

Lissa said...

aw... thanks guys... I feel pretty accomplished right now =D