Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Romance Reading Challenge 2009 Completed

I finished another challenge! I feel like a lean, mean, challenge completing machine! lol

It was the Romance Reading Challenge 2009 (links to original post) hosted by Naida (links to challenge).

The five books I read are:

P.S. I Love You- Cecelia Ahern

The Last Chance Cafe- Linda Lael Miller

Talk Me Down- Victoria Dahl

Hot Blooded- Lisa Gardner

Fire and Ice- Julie Garwood

It was a fun challenge, and over before I knew it! It wasn’t until I was filling in the latest book I read; that I realized it was my last ‘required’ book. Not that I’m by any means done ;) It was a bit of a surprise/shock. But I still love that “I accomplished something” feeling… =D

Thank you for hosting Naida. I really enjoyed this one, not that I NEEDED an excuse to read romances. ;)

Now what is next?


naida said...

congrats on completing the challenge! i've had PS I Love You on my TBR list for a while.
great reviews!

Lissa said...

You should move it up, it was a pretty good read. I'm looking forward to what you have to say when you are done =D