Thursday, June 10, 2010

Neil Pasricha IS Awesome…

I know not the most original title. But it’s true. Neil was in Calgary tonight, and DH and I went to hear him speak. I say, without a doubt in my mind, it was one of the better author talks I had been to. He had us laughing, interacting, and popping bubble wrap. And afterward he spent a good amount of time with each person, and asked personal questions to do individual inscriptions. In multicolor!

Realize coming home, that authors are like my version of movie stars. I get nervous and tongue-tied, no matter how nice they are. But I was brave enough to ask, and he was gracious enough to let me take a couple pictures.

Now, I have to go sit and READ my book, so I can blog about it… heh

Thanks for stopping by Calgary Neil, on you way to New York. Come back anytime, and next time we will try and have a bit better weather for ya!

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