Friday, June 11, 2010

Nancy Drew- The Demon of River Heights

Title: Nancy Drew Graphic Novel- The Demon of River Heights

Author: Stefan Petrucha's

Illustrator: Sho Murase

Date Finished: May 7, 2010

Personal Book Count: 24 out of 100

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre/ Subject: Graphic Novel (young adult)

Why did I pick this book?: caught my eye as I was looking for something else at the library

Summary and Review:

There is a rumor there are demons out side river heights. Nancy and her crew go searching for 2 film student friends of theirs who have gone missing.

Ok, so maybe I still live under a rock, but when I hear the words Graphic Novel, I still think of superheroes or anime. So when I came across some Nancy Drew at my library, I was excited to pick one up to see how it compared. I was not disappointed at all. I like the idea of graphic novels introducing something like a Nancy Drew (dare I call it a classic?) to kids. It could get kids reading, and it’s a good transition or accompaniment to the original series. Also, I like that these appear to be new stories. It isn’t just another version of the originals, but new stories unto themselves. Yet, I don’t feel as if the original ‘feel’ has been lost. It does stay true to the original “formula” set our by Carolyn Keen. I love how Nancy Drew keeps running out of gas. With that said, it is formulaic. Still worth the read and I think both kids and adult who grew up with the series will enjoy.

Agree? Disagree? Recommendations? Any insights, suggestions, or comments on the book or format, or blog at all are most welcome. If you have read this and/ or review it yourself, please let me know. Can you think of any books like this? Give me a recommendation! =D

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