Friday, November 14, 2008

(Yes, I have 2 entries in 3 days. I know: a record. I told you I wanted to write, I figure this is a good a place to get into practice as any. Just getting words on a page at this point is a good thing. And who knows? When I start spitting out some fiction, maybe you will be lucky (?) enough to share it… :P)

DH went out last night, but only for a couple hours, so I don’t feel like I got much done. I did do a little reading, and started to catch up on a couple blogs I haven’t read for a while. I also managed to get in a little writing yesterday and this morning, although, it really more of an outline and some vague ideas at this points. At least I can see the shape of something.

This morning I went to the library to wander around. (what is it about just being IN a library that make me feel calm?) I got 3 fiction titles (that I should add to the side bar) and a book on reading novels and on writing. I was hoping one would inspire me. We’ll see. It seems to be taking longer to kick start my brain. Maybe it’s age? I’m hoping it’s just over work and tiredness.

Has my knitting be suffering? On one hand I would say yes. I haven’t been doing nearly as much, but I have been getting in some time on my sock, even if it’s just a few rows here and there. On the other hand, I haven’t been missing it all that much, or I would be doing more of it. I think I’m pretty content with just puttering right now.

So I think that is gonna be about my weekend. Reading, writing, grocery shopping, laundry, watching NASCAR (the last of this year) and I’ll probably do some knitting then. Good times.

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