Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It was a pretty good weekend around here. It was almost a long weekend (Tuesday was Remembrance Day here in Canada), although we had to work Monday, it didn’t really feel like it counted.

It was a pretty lazy weekend. We did some grocery shopping, and went and bought some books for the business. We had dinner at mom and dads. We watched a movie. I cooked my first whole chicken EVER. And we did lots of reading. And of course, NASCAR. With it being the second last week in the chase (and for the year) we weren’t missing it.

Yesterday was a quiet one around here, mostly. We bopped out (this was something my mother always said, does any one else use this expression?) and bought a couple things (staples) to have on hand for winter. Then we went to Michaels and bought a few candy making supplies. We have been into making ‘chocolates’ together lately. They aren’t really chocolates, as they are made with melt-able vanilla wafers. We needed a couple more bags of the wafers, and the Christmas shapes were out, so we bought a few of those. Then we had a nice lunch together and read and spent some down time on the computer. It was lazy, but I think a lazy day was what we both needed.

I have been doing A LOT of reading lately. I finished 3 books in the past 4 days (many of them were half way through, I tend to read many simultaneously.)

I don’t tend to review books (although have debated starting). I usually just do a recap list at the end of the month. Then if anyone is interested, or want ot discuss any of them, they can let me know and well go from there. My rating scale is as follows:

5- excellent- read in less than 48 hours
4- very good- really like it, but not “can’t put down” (I confess most of my books fall here)
3- okay- passed the time pleasantly enough
2- finished- but don’t know why
1- never finished.

Also, if there is anything in the sidebar of what I’m currently reading that catches your interest, let me know, I’d love to discuss any of those as well.

So, My October list:

The Anglophile- Laurie Gwen Shapiro- 4/5
Slow Burn- Julie Garwood- 4/5
Rapture in Death- J.D. Robb- 4/5
Something Wicked- Carolyn G. Hart- 3 ½ /5
Shadow Dance- Julie Garwood- 4/5
The Chocolate Mouse Trap- JoAnna Carl- 4/5
Artemis Fowl: Graphic Novel- Eoin Colfer- 3/5

I have been debating joining a couple reading challenges. I think I have been intimidated before, but am now ready to give it a go. It’s just a matter of finding a couple, and deciding. I have challenged myself in the past, like I will read so many Newberry books in so much time. But I think doing a challenge with other people could be fun.

I’m also thinking as it gets colder, I have been feeling a bit more like writing again. My last project was a novel (still in the editing stage), but I think I would like to take a stab at some short stories. I haven’t done any since about high school. Now, have to seek out some inspiration….

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