Thursday, November 20, 2008

The last couple of days have been stressful. I was hit with the dreaded first cold of the year (or at least the winter.) Actually I’m not complaining too loudly yet, as I’m afraid it may get worse before it gets better. So far it’s just sore sinuses, and dry throat, a sore back and tired.

Then Tuesday it happened. My computer died a sudden and painful (for me, I’m not sure about her) death. Won’t boot up. Um. I work at home. On the internet. Kinda need a computer. And the old one had been getting sicker for quite a while. I didn’t realize how much so, as it was a slow progression. And I didn’t lose too much. I do back up fairly regularly. I did lose about a year of work emails, a few pictures (I’m hoping a lot are still in the camera, and that is not as bad as it could have been) and some books on tape and things like that which I had store on the computer so they didn’t clog up my non-iPod.

I think the biggest pain is getting used to Vista (which I had reservations, but really don’t mind) and setting up this puter so it has all my programs on it (for work and personal) and it runs the way I like…

I have been reading some between fighting with the new computer, work, sleep, and taking care of things around the house. Right now I’m reading All Mortal Flesh by Spencer-Fleming and How I Write by Evanovich. I’m really into them both, just wish I had a bit more time (but who doesn’t? ;) )

Knitting is also being done, and as soon as I find the software, load it, and figure out how to get pictures on the new computer, I’ll show some of it to ya!

With that in mind, I usually end my entry with a picture. Since I don’t have any right now, I will end with my current favourite Lol cat.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

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