Thursday, November 27, 2008

I have received 3 books in the mail this week. (I LOVE bookmooch) What is better then going to the mailbox, and receiving something other then bills, especially at this time of year? And especially books? I think the only thing that could come near it would be yarn. Anyhow, all 3 of them are pure cheese. And I love it! They are romance books based on NASCAR. Nothing better then a fluffy read and a cup of tea in bed to unwind at this time of year, when stress is high. Kind of my guilty pleasure I guess. Who says all reading needs to be serious/educational/fulfilling? So you know what DH said, when I told him what I got? He said “I see what you are doing. You are stocking up to get you through the off season. This will be your dose of NASCAR, while there is no NASCAR.” I think he gives me credit for being more devious (Dastardly? Conniving? Forward planning?) then I’m able.

On another note, as of this past weekend, Christmas has definitely started around here. The gifts are bought, the baking is started, and the tree is up. Now I just need to start on the wrapping and the cards and the name tags and the gift cookies….

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends, and happy start-of-the-holiday-season to everyone else. =D

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