Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I used to crochet. Years ago. I bet I made thousands of granny squares. Sewn up one way, they’re a blanket. Sewn up another, they are a vest. You can understand how boredom ensued. I think that is where my desire to learn to knit came from. Well, now crochet is back. And it’s cool. And not just because my grandma says so. Because the cool lady who wrote the stitch ‘n bitch books says so. So I had to check it out. There are mile a minute style scarves (which I dabbled in, but never got serious about.) There are clothes that are made of something other then granny squares. There are practical items as well as clothes. There are items that have no practical uses at all, other then to be cute. I decided that I should maybe give crochet another try, and so I present to you my first scarf (in at least 10 years…)

This is the one skein scarf scarf. It took me less then two TV nights to make. Man, crochet IS fast! I see the appeal. I’m too in love with knitting at this point to be a turn coat, but I do see more crochet projects on the horizon… besides, it was nice to work with my hands and be reminded of my Grammy…

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