Friday, April 21, 2006


My husband has always says that I’m a spoiled brat (not that he does anything to promote this…) Well now Jenni is helping. I was lucky enough to have Jenni as the one spoiling me for the Needle Exchange Wow! Did she go above and beyond! Check this out…

A whole box full of goodies! And it’s like she knows me because she hit me bang on the head! (if I were a nail I mean)

There is a cute little sheep (still looking for names, if you have an idea, leave a comment and let me know…), a Homemade!!! box for knitting accessories with a variety of needles inside, a huge skein of pink merino wool (looks hand dyed/spun!?!), the longest, tiniest Addi Turbos I’ve seen in my life, on book on how to do magic loop, and a skein of socks that rock in the Queen Rock color way.

First thing I did was call DH at work to tell him about the package, and inform him there would be no dinner last night. What does it say that he totally got that? (I’m not that mean, he did get stew, but I do like to threaten every once in a while ;->) Then I had to take the above picture, or the guilt would have gotten to me. Then dog and I sat down on the couch with my new Addi Turbos (Turbi?) and the magic loop book, and some old scraps and made these (sheep supervising of course)…

On is a practice loop and the other is a ‘sock’, actually, it really only a toe and a heel. I have to say, I think I am a convert! I have tried the socks on two circs, but there were needles and yarn ends everywhere! It was neat, but seems a little more complicated. It seems to me, on magic loop, you shift stitches less, and you have 2 needles instead of 4 to work with. Am I giving up my DPNS? Probably not. Will I be taking this in the car and on vacation this summer? You betcha! I have already cast on my first sock (out of socks that rock, of course) so will hopefully have pictures of this for you in the near future.

So, if I’m MIA for the next while, I’ll be on my couch (or deck, weather permitting, but they say it may snow tomorrow(copy, pasted directly from with my dog and my sock…


15°C 2°C 2°C 8°C
Cloudy periods Rain or snow Rain or snow Variable cloudiness
10% 60% 40% 20%
- -4 -4 -
NW 25 km/h NW 35 km/h NW 30 km/h N 30 km/h
36% 83% 64% 30%
- less than 1 mm Trace -

Watching: Citizen Kane
Reading: Um, nothing, but that will change by tonight…

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