Friday, January 06, 2006

starting year with UFO's

It seems that I have gotten myself a pile of projects that need to be worked on/finished/frogged. No necessarily a bad place to be as far as interest and variety go, but I’m starting to feel guilt, so that is not the best…

So here is my list to be seriously worked on (now I have to add that some will not be finished until I receive my ball winder (BW) belated Christmas gift. I refuse to wind skeins by hand when I have a perfectly good ball winder on the way…)

1) Clapotis- I’m on the decrease section, but this has stalled, until BW arrives.
2) Blanket from class taken a year ago- I don’t know why this has stalled, except maybe for lack of space. When all the Christmas decorations get put away, it should get kick-started again. All it needs is to be sewn together and finished.
3) Picovoli- almost to the point where I separate sleeve stitches from body stitches.
4) Mystery project- started last week and almost 10 percent done. This one has a time limit, but not for a while. Maybe land up frogging for idea 2, but we’ll see.
5) Toe up sock- haven’t worked on since before Christmas, have been distracted by multiple other socks.
6) Green double thread sock-of-the-month- I am on the heal flap of the second. Ideally would be finished this weekend. (Which is good, because I have received my next sock-of-the-month kit. Christmas and sickness put me a little behind.)
7) Titbit for ReThinking TitBits - stalled for lack of BW, like to have it done by end of January if possible.
8) I have about 12 other projects lined up that I have yarn and patterns for, but am trying to keep myself from starting until I either finish some of these, or get my new toy, and can’t restrain myself any longer ;)

I’m sure there is more that I am missing, but that is all that comes to mind. If anything else rears its head, I’ll add it. Have a great weekend; you know what I’ll be doing. Knitting, cleaning after Christmas, and watching movies! wish me luck on making a dent.

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