Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Careful, my geek-ish-ness is showing!

I am such a geek. Last night DH and I were watching the Canadian Food Channel. They were doing a make over on a business. They go in and do the whole thing, decorate the front, redo the menu and teach the cook how to cook the new foods, and redo the kitchen. It’s kind of like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition but for restaurants. In fact, I think its called restaurant make over.
Ok, all of this does have a point, stay with me. We are near the end of the program, where they bring the owner back in, and she brought her son and a bunch of friends to try the new food. And for just a second in the back ground I saw her!
I poke DH with my knitting needle and said, “Did you see who that was?!?!”
He said “Who?”
I said, “Come on! You should recognize her; you sat about 10 feet away for her for 2 hours.”
Then she was on the screen again for about 2 seconds.
DH sat up and said, “It’s The Yarn Harlot!
I had to confirm to myself that I wasn’t crazy, so I went and checked out her blog. I remember seeing a little boy a couple of months ago. Hubby and I agree, it’s the same little boy, his name was there and everything.
I don’t know what is geekier, being so excited to see someone that I feel I know through her blog on TV or having my DH so well trained to the ways of the knitting that he recognizes people like that!
Either way, it was defiantly the highlight of the long weekend.


Stephanie said...

You're cracking me up.
Wasn't my sister good?

gina said...

No Way!!!!
That is so cool. A Harlot sighting in the wild and everything!
Have you read bookbookbook 2 yet - I laughed out loud - disturbing the man watching a comedy show because my timing was off. I also cried out loud, again disturbing the man who hadn't a clue what started that!
ps my blogger word came up "inidmten" and it's true I need mittens!

Lissa said...

Wow! I was excited when I saw Stephanie on TV, but then she came to visit me!!!

Stephanie- yes, your sister was good, but I think you nephew definitely stole the show at the end.

Gina- A sighting in the wild, AND she was recognized without her needles! I am reading her book, but trying to go very slowly and make it last. Who knows when the next one is out? (Well, she does, but she hasn’t told me yet. I’m sure she will. We’re becoming friends you know. She visited my blog and everything ;) ) PS I read that as I knit mittens, but then I have a cold. ;)

Heather said...

I saw it, too!! I was so suspicious about a restaurant owner with a kid named Hank, and then I saw the Harlot clan and started yelling for everybody to come and look!