Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Winter wonderland

Winter is finally here. It is -22 Celsius and there is a foot of snow as of yesterday. (no pictures, I figure people are already tired of seeing that) But you know what? As much as I'm inclined to grumble, I'm not going to. Yes, part of that is because I rarely have to leave the house for work anymore, but part of it is that it's time. We had unusually warm temps for the month of November, so it seems drastic and fast, but really this is where we are supposed to be.

The other reason is it makes it feel like Christmas. And I like Christmas. I like decorating the tree. I like baking cookies. I like finding the perfect gift, and seeing the persons face when they open it. I like seeing friends and sharing Christmas cheer. I like rushing around and spending the day with family. I like talking to relatives far and near on the phone, that we don't generally make the effort to at other times of year. I like getting Christmas cards and updates in the mail. There is something to be said to a written paper card in this age of technology, and it's like a little surprise, beside daily bills. I like putting my love into the perfect knitted gift. Sure my sister and I will fight (even as the grown-up we are supposed to be), the roads will be slippery and possibly hazardous. The malls will be full of people, most of them rushed and rude. It will take me hours to write out, and then mail my Christmas cards. But I have decided, I am going to keep focused on the positive, and enjoy every minute of this season. There are only 25 days left until the big day. I'm not going to let one pass without telling someone I love them. It may be my last Christmas with someone (we lost 3 family members this year) and I'm not going to let a minute be wasted. I'm just going to focus on the positive and enjoy the good things that happen.

I do have finished work to show you. I think I decided that the multi-directional scarf would be a good gift for grandma. I don't need anymore scarves, and I think she would appreciate a hand knit gift, especially one she didn't make herself. I love that way that the yarn fades from one color to another making one pattern, and the triangles make another. This was a fun project and I think the Noro silk worked really well for it.

Next I have nephews' slippers, pre-felting. I measured his foot back in September, and our feet are about the same size, so now I think I'll just go ahead and felt, and maybe make them a little loose on me, so they should fit and give him a little room to grow. I'm hoping to get that done soon, as I remember when I did mine they took days to dry, and I don't want to be wrapping wet slippers on Christmas Eve.

Now, go have some eggnog or a hot chocolate with a candy cane in it, and enjoy the beginning of this crazy season :)

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