Sunday, November 20, 2005


Well, I think I have survived. Friday was the worst, but I got to lay on the couch, watch talk shows, and be brought ice cream and flowers by my DH, so it can't have been all bad. Last night I actually sleep through the night and wasn't awakened by the pain, and didn't have to get up and take pain medicine.

Ok, enough about my teeth. I'm sick of them I'm sure you are too. Nothing more till I have to go back and get the crowns put on. *edited to add- dh just droped in casual conversation that I have an appointment on Thursday. Doesn't he think it would have been nice to know? Like I'm supposed to remember everything that happened when I was ASLEEP!*

Yesterday I actually got a little knitting done. I started a Wendy toe-up sock with some scraps from a sock I made a couple of years ago. That way I know when to stop knitting, is my theory. I did a different toe this time then the last time I made one of her socks. I think I like... Wanna see?

I also got a little knitting done before Wednesday, because I knew I wasn't gonna be able to knit for a while and was afraid of withdrawal.

Here is a Multidirectional diagonal scarf, made in Nero Silk.

Here is my nephew's second slipper, all it needs now is to bind off the cuff and add the second sole.

Here is my birch scarf started, made with Lorn's laces (thanks Gina!)…

Ok, enough fun for one day. Off to lie on the couch and maybe knit a little ;)

PS Thanks for the advice Gwen, I did manage to get some new dpns out of the deal. If I push a little harder, I just might get some sock yarn. :D


Sandra said...

YOU have been busy, I can tell!
So much nice knitting! Just keep on going!

Lolly said...

Your Noro Silk Garden scarf is lovely! I want to try this multidirectional thing sometime... it has such a nice look to it!

Take care~