Monday, November 14, 2005

1000, progress, and dentist.

Ok, I'm getting close to hitting 1000, which is very cool. I can't believe at all. If you happened to be guest 1000, I would appreciate a hey, who you are, where you are from, and even how you came to land on this little corner of the internet.

Random thought, why do the political bloggers always seem to find my blog?

I have finished objects and pictures to show! Yea!

1. Lace. I dropped a stitch, about six rows back and haven't bothered to go back and pick fix it yet. (I'm alternating between being mad at myself and pouting.)

2. Nephew's Christmas slippers. I have one finished, and the second one half done, but then I actually ran out of wool! I had to go to the local yarn store yesterday and luckily they had some left of the same dye batch. Now I have to wind another ball to finish them. (Man, I really hope I get that ball winder for Christmas. Other wise I'm taking a hiatus from buying things that come in skeins)

3. Clapotis. I have managed about 20 more rows on this. I love this project, but am having trouble getting excited about it. Don't know why, because I really want to wear it, but can't finish it. Thinking about joining the knit along to motivate me.

4. Socks. One pair went back to the frog pond, and is now becoming a pair done on circulars. My koigu autumn socks are finished! Warm and cuddly. They are just a basic sock pattern with a 2x2 rib all the way down. I did have color pooling on these, but I like it, it reminds me of wind and autumn leaves.

5. Popsicle hat. This is my friend, Sam. She is a twin, (her brother is Sam as well, but we rarely confuse them, as he lives one province away, and we can tell them apart visually, as his nose is blue) and the only one that was around and willing to model the hat when it was finished. I tried the whole bathroom mirror shot, but apparently I'm not coordinated enough to get one of publishable use. All were off center or fuzzy, but although bears don't need hats, Sam loved modeling the soft hat. It is made of a wool and cotton yarn, but I don't know how warm it will be, as the fabric seems loose to me. I used the yarn that the pattern calls for, mine is just greener, as is the beauty of hand dyes.

6. Blanket. It is still on hold till after Christmas.

So see? I have been a good girl, but must say, I'm a little bored now. Can I start something new yet? I have 2 balls of Noro silk that are calling out to be a multi-directional scarf.

I might be away for a while. I have to go Wednesday to the dentist for 9 hours. Yes, that is right. I am having sedation dentistry, and there is so much work, they want me there all day. You can tell I must be pretty desperate to be going at all. So, depending how long recovery is going to take from all of that, is when I will be back. I'm hoping a couple of days but we'll see.

Do you think I can get away with playing the "hard done by" card around here? I'm willing to try. ;-)

Done complaining. Have a good week, and try and send some good vibes if you think of me on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! Nine hours at the dentist. Yowzers thats a long time. I'll be thinking of you and hoping/praying you get over it fast! Sam here is missing your Sam. Not as much as I miss you though, but pretty close. He makes me smile and think of you everytime that I look at him. Umm...I guess thats all to say for now, maybe I'll acturally go and write in my own blog now, lol. Yes, yes I will just for you! Love you, J
PS I love the socks, they are the most beautiful colors ever!

Gina said...

Good luck at the dentist. OMG that sounds like an ordeal. I had sedation to have my wisdom teeth removed many years ago. Take Care.

Gwen said...

Not number 1000, but 997. I can't remember how I found your blog, but I have it bookmarked and visit every now and then. I like to see what you're knitting.

I've got to say, 9 hours at the, you deserve some cashmere or some handspun alpaca or something good.

Beth said...

I was number 1,009. Darn it. Good luck at the dentist.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I 110% agree with the last few comments. This blog has great opinions and this is why I continue to visit, thanks! Ms. San Diego dentists