Wednesday, November 23, 2005

cancer, create, cure, contemplate

I once heard someone say that it is no longer a matter of if you will get cancer, it is when and what kind. That has stuck with me for a long time. Everybody's life is touched by cancer. I have an aunt who died from cancer, my grandfather is a cancer survivor, and my DH lost both his paternal grandparents to cancer this year. Those are just the immediate family members that fought with cancer, that doesn't even count extended family and friends.

Why am I putting such a depressing topic on a web blog? Because my friend Gina has come up with what I think is a wonderful idea. I'm going to let her tell about it, as she was far more eloquent at describing in then I could be. This is copied from the e-mail I received from her yesterday.

"I was wondering if you would help me to get the word out about a very
special project. I have been working with Beryl Tsang (
and MJ DeCocteau ( on an idea to support
the many young women and their families that face breast cancer by
raising funds for research. The funds will all be directed to ReThink
Breast Cancer. My idea is to ask knitters to make a Tit Bit, using the
free Knitty pattern, and send it in. I am trying to encourage a lot of
creativity in these. They don't have to be wearable necessarily, more
objects d'art. We will then auction the titties at the annual
fundraising Gala, held here in Calgary, AB Canada in June. Any others
will be auctioned on "Tit e-bay". Wearable titties will be provided at
no charge through Titbits to women who have recently undergone a
mastectomy. Of course, there will be knitterly prizes awarded because
everyone deserves to be thanked for their support."

Here is a link to Gina's site, and for the ReThinking Titbits site as well as the titbits pattern at knitty.

I firmly believe that we need to cure cancer, and it is such a powerful killer that affects everyone, and that once we defeat one, we are well on our way to getting them all. Please make a titbit. I will be.


Christine said...

Count me in!!! Can I put this on my blog too????

Lissa said...

please do, Gina will love that, adn i know she was working on/ looking for buttons...

Gina said...

Thanks Lissa!!!!

I really appreciate your help and participation.