Thursday, November 10, 2005

problem (or ode to LL)

I have a problem. Well, an addiction really. I am addicted to Lorna's laces, the sock stuff. It all started back one day when I was cruising blogs. I found a color way called mint chocolate. It was beautiful and I had to have it. Now when I come across a color way I love, I by it. This in it self, not a problem, just simple stash enhancement. My problem? I love it so much I'm afraid to know with it. I love the colors. I love the way they blend in to another (or not blend, depending). I love the softness. I love the twist of the skein. I even love the cute little paper label. How could I ruin that by making socks that I may or may not like? And may have to remake? And then wear till they wear about and I have to *gasp* through them away? I've thought about making other things, but I need the PERFECT project for such beauty, and simply haven't found it yet.

Any one have any idea's on how to break this? I've thought about getting a color I'm not so hot about, and mucking around with it. Or maybe I'll just have to build (can you knit one?) a display case and collect it.

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Gina said...

I bought 2 skeins of LL Shepherd Sport in gold hill and absolutely could not bear to make socks. One skein is becoming Branching Out. Yummy. The other skein will probably end up as ankle socks now that I've got the yum out of my system.