Wednesday, November 09, 2005

20 things

Well, I had lots of lovely and wonderful things to show you today, but that is all going to have to wait, because I have been tagged for this meme by Gina... go give her some love...

20 things about me:

1 I have a DH, no kids, 2 cats and a dog. (My fish died last week)
2 I own and run my own business (on-line book store)
3 I have no sense of smell
4 I have 2 sisters, 11 and 12 years older then I am (half)
5 I quilt, crochet, do origami, and paint (a little) as well as knit
6 I believe you can never have too much sock wool, as you can never have too many socks
7 I’ve been knitting for just under 2 years
8 I have lived in the same city all my life, as has my hubby.
9 My married name and maiden name both start with F
10 I'm trained as an educational assistant.
11 I have taken classes as an accountant, journalist, travel agent, early childhood education, library assistant, educational assistant, ASL, and lots of extra, fun classes ( drawing, quilting, tea leaf reading, knitting ect.)
12 I am addicted to coffee, the internet and chocolate.
13 I used to collect cute erasers shaped like things.
14 My parents are still happily married.
15 I took French for 13 years in school, 4 of those (K-3) were emersion.
16 I have been to France, England, Ireland, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and all over the US and Canada.
17 My DH and I are TV addicts, and have certain shows we NEED to watch each day of the week. Hey, I’m a cheap date. That is ok. It leaves me more money for yarns.
18 When I was in grade 5, I broke my arm for the first time. I have broken it 5 times since (different places, different arms) that includes once in Hawaii, and once in Ireland, to the embarrassment of my family
19 My hair changes with my moods. I am naturally brown, usually red (of one shade or another, from strawberry blond to a pure 'punk' red) and was blond on my wedding day.
20 I got married in Vegas, in a castle (Excalibur) in a medieval style wedding, with our immediate families there.

That was harder then I thought. As I have never done this before, I apologize for any breach of rules that I may make. (and if you do, could you please tell me, so I don't do it again... thx) Do I just pick 3 people? I thought of a couple of way to do this. I could pick the 3 people after me on the web ring. I could take the last 3 people who commented on my blog. I thought it would be fun to pick 3 Melissa's, and let them have a go, just because I think it's different and fun, (and there seem to be a lot of us.) So Melissa, Melissa and Melissa, you have been tagged.

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