Sunday, November 06, 2005


Yes, I’m making some. I have the first slipper of the pair that I am making ot felt for nephews Christmas gift. Want proof? Ok

I have also had success on my autumn koigu socks. Sorry, no proof of that one, but it shouldn’t be long, as I have just finished the gusset for the second one. Now it’s in the home stretch to the toe. Whoo hoo!

This cold caught DH yesterday. He is complaining because it knocked him on his back for a day. I know people who it knocked out for the better part of 2 weeks.

And in Christmas shopping season too. There are only 4 possible Christmas shopping weekends in my book, in November. If it’s not bought by the 30th, they are not getting it. (December is for other things like, wrapping and baking, am I organized or what?) That is ok, he redeemed himself by getting better so we could go today ;)

Man, the rudeness has already started. The people at the mall, and I’m talking about he ones who work there are already snippy. How are they gonna make it to Christmas? I think you need to be a certain personality type to work at a mall, if you’re not, then maybe you shouldn’t’ be.

Any ideas for DH for Christmas? I have a couple, but more always appreciated. The man has no hobbies; I’m convinced it’s just to make my life hard ;)

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Gina said...

Hi Melissa, I hereby tag you with the "20 things about me" meme. You're welcome.