Thursday, October 13, 2005

slippers, socks, book and movie

Felted slippers are done. It took them 4 days to dry, and then I still had to use a hair dryer to get the moisture out of the middle but they are finished! They are so warm, cozy and cuddly, fast to knit up, and fun, that I think nephew is defiantly getting a pair for Christmas. I’ll just have to remember to felt them at least a week early! The only negative, was I found them itchy at first, and was afraid of a wool allergy *gasp!*, but I think I got used to them, because they seem to be fine now…

I also have finished one of the parrot socks I was working on, and hope to be done the second in the next couple of days (which is good, because my next sock of the month packet is here) I did the second on circular needles to try it out, and see if I could see a difference, and I will say, that it is faster on 2 circs., but I’m not sure if it is as satisfying yet. I’ll post in a couple days, to see if there is a visible difference.

*edited to add* finished the socks last night, and here they are, pre-blocking. I can't see any differnce, do you see a difference?

Right now I am reading Shopaholic & Sister by Sophie Kinsella. I enjoyed the other ones in the series, but this one seems sillier then the others I have read, and almost a waste of precious knitting time. But I’m stubborn, and am ¾ of the way through it, so I’m gonna finish it. Maybe it redeems it self, but I’m not holing my breath.

DH and I decided that we wanted to see a movie this weekend. I wanted to see Must Love Dogs, (it would have been to hard to talk DH into, even if it is a gushy chick flick, it has Diane Lane in it,) but it was only on at 10:00, and we wanted to see a matinee, so we watched Fantastic Four. I don’t mind super hero movies. And I have even come to expect them, as I know that I married a comic book freak. This was not a bad movie. It had good special effects. They had powers that were different, it appeared to be well thought out, and not repetitive. (Unless you count Incredibles, but FF was clearly made first). But they spent the entire movie beating each other up, (even the good guys) and not doing anything for good, or the general population. If you are gonna have powers, I think you need to better the world, ya know? Or you’re not really a hero, just a selfish guy with powers. But worth seeing. In the cheap theaters.

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