Wednesday, October 19, 2005

great long weekend (for me anyway...)

I’m home. I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Regina for a couple of days, and so I took it. And much h*ll was raised, as much as you can in Regina with a pregnant lady who has to work half the time you are there. :-P Yet a wonderful time was had by all. We shopped, knitted, ate, and watched TV. The knitting store was great fun, and I even had to bring home an extra backpack to carry my extra clothes, yarn and souvenirs I bought.

Now I’m sick. Paying the price of too much fun maybe? I had a headache and slept all yesterday, and today have a wobbly tummy, and it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest.

Knitting was indeed done on my mini-break, if not on the plane (to scared, to bumpy, and too public). But we did have some couch time where J and I chatted and knit. She started a beautiful scarf made out of twisted fun fur (sorry forget the brand name, but maybe she’ll send me a picture and I can post it) where half is a pink eyelash and the other has a suede feel to it. It will be lovely when done. I worked a sock out of koigu and am now in the home stretch (working my way form heel to toe). I also finished one wrist warmer from last minute gifts for hubby, except the bind off as I didn’t have the right size needle with me, and was afraid to make it too tight around the fingers. No pictures today though, as I have no energy to gather the projects together, find the camera, take photo’s, down load to computer, and up load to blog) maybe tomorrow.

Now I am taking my tea to bed for another snooze. As the kid on the Weekenders says (yes I saw that a couple times on my break), later days…

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