Wednesday, August 31, 2005

exchange, books, and wip

My first exchange! Tonight I signed yup to take part in the “Gimme Some Needles” exchange. I am so excited. At first I felt really interested, but was kind of nervous because it is my first exchange, but haven’t been bloging long, (but knitting for about a year and a half). But DH encouraged me to sign up and try it out, as it was something I was interested in. Catherine was so kind and warm, that I am now UBER excited about this. I could see how this could get addicting quickly.

Now I just need to get the never up to tackle a knit along… tee hee hee

I have started DH’s toe up sock, (I think I said that before, but now I have pictures to prove it). So far I’m loving the ease of them, and have been trying them on almost every second row. They are so comfortable; we may have to have a fight over them. Shared custody maybe? Every second weekend? We’ll see when they are done. I have a couple pair of brightly colored wool socks. I am just in love cause these are different. But I do share well. Really. After 3 ½ years of marriage, I almost have it figured out.

Has anyone read this? I read the first one and fell in love, and have now gotten A Good Yarn out of the library. It really is just like sitting down with a cup of coffee and an old friend. I would highly recommend it to anybody with a love for knitting/ reading/ and a sometimes gushy side.

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