Sunday, September 04, 2005

hubby socks rocks! (if i do say so myself...)

Big things could be happening on the work front in the next little while, so I am anxious, edgy, nervous, excited, and optimistic, I don’t want to jinx anything by speaking out of turn, but am hoping the business is about to grow in a direction I never thought possible.

I knitting news, I have not been able to keep my attention on much of anything (man I would really like to get that blanket done), so I have been sticking to little projects. What else? socks! And low and behold, DH’s toe up’s are done!

I’m going to start my first sock of the month next, and hope it goes as quickly/smoothly. Being the brave soul I am, I’m going to try it on two circular’s rather then dpns, and see how that works for me… cause I need more challenge in my life, right?

As it is the long weekend, we are going to try and take it easy. With that said, there is stuff to do (cleaning, fix wall in basement from our last flood, finish the laundry so we can start the week fresh, book stuff) but on the most part I would like to take long lazy walks and enjoy this weather while it is here (and burn off some of the stress calories, I have ingested lately), concentrate long enough to watch a movie, finish my book, put together some clothes to consign, paint my nails, and maybe read some blogs….

All noble goals eh? ;)

Have a good, safe, holiday weekend, weather you are staying in the city, going to the cabin, or squeezing in that last bit of holiday before life returns to ‘normal’ again…

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