Sunday, August 28, 2005

awuga, awuga (siren noise)

Wow! It has been a busy week. I have not one, but two finished objects.
I finished my ankle high Regia socks, that I have dubbed the “rainbow sherbet socks.” I can’t wait to wear them. On my many shopping travels this weekend, I bought a pair of crocs. I think they will go marvelously together for the fall season, and both a really comfy. Now I start Christmas present’s for my family, and may or may not update as I go (depending who they are for), or I may just update on the 26th of December… The first is toe up sock for the hubby, made with Wendy’s pattern, and I’m making it out of Briggs and Little Tuffy, because he asked for a warm, thick, wooly pair. He will probably just get them a ‘just because’, and not for Christmas, as I’m a bit nervous, and may need to try them on his foot several times. (I try to keep repeating, just trust the pattern, it helps a little, but still nervous…)

My friend came to town Friday morning for a long weekend from Regina, and I get to keep her until Monday night, so we are having a blast, (no I’m not being a bad hostess, she is taking a shower.) Friday we declared it “girly weekend” and have since been doing all things that could be considered girly. That includes manicures, cheesecake, shopping for clothes, Frappuccino , shopping for house stuff , building bears , watching movies- that- will- make- you- cry, drinking girl drinks, and of course knitting!

When I was in Regina at the beginning of the summer, what was one of the first things I noticed but the lys. I made my fried take me, but by the time we got there they were closed, and I was leaving the next day. She said ever since I told her I knit and we went, she has wanted to learn. So slowly, bit by bit all weekend, we have been plugging away at it. I bought her this book to take with her home, so she can practice with pictures when I am not around to help. We may have another addict…

And of course when I was in the knitting section, I had to pick this up for myself…


Gina said...

I LOVE the rainbow sherbet socks!!!
They completely rock!
I have never done a toe up sock, only cuff down. Let me know how the heel goes.

Lissa said...

I love making the toe up socks, they go fast and I’m already almost to the heal on my second. I thought the toe was way harder then the heal. The heal is done in short row, very similar to the ones on a sweater, so it is something I had practiced before. And I like not having to pick up all those stitches! The instructions weren’t all that clear on how to wrap(but you are probably a way more advanced knitter then me and could do these in you sleep), but if you are interested, I found some very clear one and I could send you a link (I think it was at knitty?) Anyhow, try them, I thin k you will like them. I don’t think I’m going to make all socks this way forever, but I see where toes up does have it’s place, and will defiantly do it again, especially with a thick wool like I used (Briggs and Little Tuffy).