Monday, August 22, 2005

busy (but fun) weekend...

Busy weekend garage selling. The down side is I got burned it was so hot. The up side is we made about $250 and I got through a sock and half, between people. the best news is, we don’t have to do it again, for at least 10 months (man those things are A LOT of work…)

Watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith today. Haven’t laughed so hard in an action movie, maybe ever. If you haven’t seen it do, I enjoyed it as much as DH.

I find I have been spoiling myself a little lately. First the mint and chocolate stripe sock yarn. Then the subscription (membership?) to the sock of the month club. Now it’s books. I have gone out a bought two new books… Ponchos and Wraps and Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Do you think I could be hunting and gathering trying to get ready for winter? And why is winter already on my mind (especially when it has been just under30 degree (Celsius) the past two days… is it habit? Throw back to child hood? Back to school = fall? I’m starting to realize that is not far off… where did summer go? And why don’t I feel rested?

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