Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Once again Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-thon is upon us, and I have decided to take part. (This will be my third, I missed the one at this time last year.) Snacks have been planned, if not yet bought. Easy meals are in the planning stage, as DH is taking part too. My reading stack is growing (something to be said for variety.) my one hitch is that I made plans to go meet an old friend for coffee that day (opps!), but at least we are meeting at a coffee shop attached to the mother ship (I mean bookstore). (Have I even mentioned my theory? My mother always said she found me under a rutabaga bush. My theory is that it was planted beside either a library or a bookstore.) I figure this could work to my advantage, as I will probably be needing both on Saturday ;)

I figure this time a am going to try and work my way through a bunch of short, easy reading books. It will get them off the shelf, help me feel accomplished, and keep me motivated, as well as covering a bunch of different stories so I don’t get bored (like I could.) so far my list of possibilities includes (but is not limited too)-

Tales of Two Countries- Alexander L. Kielland

Fire-Tongue- Sax Rohmer

Little House in the Big Woods- Wilder

The Great Gilly Hopkins- Katherine Paterson

The Worse Case Senarios: Student Edition- Piven

The Well- Mildred D. Taylor

Bartleby and Benito Cereno- Melville

The Awakening- Chopin

Misty of Chincoteague- Henry

Mrs. Whippy- Cecelia Ahern

Sarah Plain and Tall- MacLachlan

The Pearl- John SteinBeck

I know I won’t read them all, but at least I have lots to draw from… so tell me, what I your favourite one sitting read?

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alisonwonderland said...

It looks like you've got some good books picked out! Young adult and children's books are good ones for the read-a-thon for me!