Saturday, April 10, 2010


It’s 6 am. The coffee is brewing, the dogs have been walked (thx to my dh) and it’s time to start reading! =D I think I wanna start today with something light and quick until my brain wakes up, so I am going to try Betsy and Tacy by Lovelace, as I have heard so much great stuff about these books. I will probably switch my reading book frequently as this tends to be my style, as I get bored/ tired easily. I love thinking that people around the world are gearing up at the same time in their ways, so we can all start together. It should be a fun day… have a great time, and if you happen to drop by and see this, I would be interesting to hear what you are starting with… =D


Diane said...

Good morning, Lissa! Hope you've had your coffee and you've settled in with your first book. Enjoy the day. I'll check in with you later!

Lissa said...

Thanks diane. already one book done, so i am feeling accomplished. i had forgotten how much fun this was =D

Em said...

Go Lissa! Read, read, read! There's no reason to speed, speed, speed. Today books are all you need, need, need! Well...that and maybe some good food! Hope you found something good to eat! Happy reading! :)