Saturday, January 09, 2010


Title: Gemma

Author: Meg Tilly

Date Finished: January 3, 2010

Personal Book Count: 2 out of 100

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre/ Subject: Fiction

First Line: Buddy, my mama’s boyfriend, was waiting for me after school.

Why did I pick this book? : It was an ARE received through the early reviewers program.


A twelve year old girl named Gemma is abducted and physically and sexually abused by a family friend named Hazen. The first half of the book is very graphic and disturbing, and I had to put it down and walk away several times. And yet Gemma’s character kept drawing me back. There is a sweetness that shows through in the character through all the horrible things she has to survive. She has a protective and maternal instinct that shows up time and again with her turtle and then with her mother. She shows a combination of maturity and responsibility, but mixed with a childhood innocence that is very believable. There is a kind of hope that shows through in Tilly’s writing, that you know she is going to get away, and you have to keep reading to find out the when and how. Even the bad guy (Hazen), although very disturbing, is very well written. Half the book is from his point of view, and Tilly does a good job of showing his justifications. He says things like I had to lock her in the trunk and take her clothes, she kept trying to run away. or God said I should beat her, and teach her some respect. Then there is a shift that occurs about half way through. We meet Cindy. She provides a counterbalance character that is very honest, realistic in her view points, and real. You can tell she is coming from a perspective of understanding and love. I guess if there was a disappointing part of this book would be the non-ending. There was no neat wrap up, and it left me with tons of questions. But that is me. I like neatly tied up endings. This book was well done, and emotional to the last page. Gemma is a character that will be with me for a long time.


Agree? Disagree? Recommendations? Any insights, suggestions, or comments on the book or format, or blog at all are most welcome. If you have read this and/ or review it yourself, please let me know. Can you think of any books like this? Give me a recommendation! =D

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