Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ceremony in death

Title: Ceremony in Death

Author: J.D. Robb

Date Finished: July 19, 2009

Personal Book Count: 48 out of 100

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Genre/ Subject: romantic suspense

First Line: Death surrounded her.

Summary: from the book-

“Conducting a top secret investigation into the death of a fellow police officer has Lieutenant Eve Dallas treading on dangerous ground. She must put professional ethics before personal loyalties. But when a dead body is placed outside her home, Eve takes the warning personally. With her husband, Roarke, watching her every move, Eve is drawn into the most dangerous case of her career. Every step she takes makes her question her own sense of right and wrong - and brings her closer to a confrontation with humanity's most seductive form of evil...”

Why did I pick this book? : 5th in the series.

Review: This one is not a mystery. Robb tells us who the bad guy is from the beginning. Did this take any of the enjoyment away for me? Not at all. In fact, it was kind of interesting to see it from the other side, and see how she works through it to catch the right bad guy. And there was enough of the suspense that I didn’t miss it as much as I thought I might.

I like the futuristic setting. It amuses me when we come across things like hover cars, food that cooks itself, or robotic animals. Maybe I haven’t read enough/ come across enough of this genre, but I think it mixes well.

I think I’ve said before I like a strong, independent, SENSIBLE character like Dallas, Lieutenant Eve (That is how she always identifies herself, so that is how I have come to think of her). I like that she is so opposite of Roarke, and yet they seem to make it work, and work well. I was really leery when they married them so early in the series, but it seems to work well, from what I have read so far. Only time will tell if Robb can keep the relationship from going stale. And then there is Roarke. Can we ever get too much of him? And he sure had his share of exposure in this one. My one complaint about these books, is some of the lesser characters can become… well, more like something you would expect to see in a comic book, or in a cartoon. Maybe even a cheesy old superhero movie. But I think even that can add something to the setting.

All, in all, I like them, and I will be continuing the series, at least until something changes dramatically. =D

Agree? Disagree? Recommendations? Any insights, suggestions, or comments on the book or format, or blog at all are most welcome. If you have read this and/ or review it yourself, please let me know. Can you think of any books like this? Give me a recommendation! =D

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