Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Not like it should be a surprise, but twitter is a super big time suck (in a good way). This weekend I lost reading time, I lost baking time (a little), and now I’m losing blogging time. I love it! =D

I spent the weekend, reading Paper Towns by John Green. I’m surprised that I am not getting bored of the mystery part of it, although the whining from Q cause his friends aren’t as into this adventure as he is, is starting to get a bit old. I do admit I spoiled it a bit for myself, as I think I know where it’s going. There is an Author’s Note in the back (note to self: do you THINK there is a reason why it’s in the back?) and I read it. But still, I’m enjoying the journey, even if I know the destination. It’s taking longer to read then I would expect a YA novel to take me, but I am blaming the time of year.

I also have a confession to make. As well-read of a person I consider myself (most of the time) I have never read Dickens. When a good friend of mine scolded me a couple months back, I decided it was time. I decided what better way to start, then with A Christmas Carol. It is seasonally appropriate, and what I would call bite-sized-Dickens, at about 100 pages. So far I am enjoying it, and as I get used to the language it is flowing smoothly. (There were a few parts I had to reread, but I attribute that to the fact I was reading at lunch hour in a busy fast-food joint.)

Also, on and off when I have a minute throughout the day, I have been reading The Writer magazine. DH and I took a writing class a couple months ago, and the instructor recommended it. So far, I mostly like it, and I find it interesting, but there are bits that aren’t necessarily applicable to me (non-fiction, novels, (I have done a novel (unedited, never mind published) but I find myself preferring short stories these days)), but I find that I can still skim for the bits that I can take to apply to me. I may even look into getting a subscription in the New Year.

I find myself brain dead in the evenings lately. All I wanna do is read, knit, and stare and the pretty box with the moving pictures. I have increased my Zip for the month of December. I figure I can shorten my list, and catch up some. There were months this year we were lucky to watch ONE movie. And DH goes back to school in January, so I see our movie time drastically reduced again. I’m going to take advantage of it as much as I can, while I can.

Is everyone else experiencing this exhausted-ness, and the end of the day right now? Between the Christmas rush, baking, decorating, planning, shopping, Christmas cards, and regular house work, and Christmas cleaning, I am finding this Christmas really stressful, for the first time. (well, except for last year, when I cancelled Christmas all together. (Don’t feel too sad, I was out-voted)). Maybe it’s a sign I’m getting older?

P.S. I’m hoping to reload my camera software and upload some pics tonight. Hopefully this will be the end of boring, picture-less posts.

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