Thursday, December 11, 2008

Most of my time lately has been taking up by baking, Christmas cleaning, shopping
(the grocery, kind, not the gift kind, that is done), and of course, that little thing we all like to call work (who isn’t a bit crazier at Christmas? I’m starting to think THAT is the job I want…)

We had an incredible snow storm here on Sunday. Here are some pictures (after it stopped) from my front window (you didn't think I was going out there, did you? It was COLD).

One of the local supermarkets here gives you something free every week, if you spend a certain amount. Sometimes it’s a gift certificate, or free gas, or a tea shirt, or food. This weekend it was a turkey. This week was a big grocery week, so I ended up taking the turkey home. Sounds great right? Except I have never cooked a turkey. In fact, I have had one in my deepfreeze for a few years (to DH’s annoyance) that I have never cooked. So then I had 2. (what, like I was gonna leave free food behind?) so I made a deal with my mom, that she would take the larger of the 2 (the 2 of us probably couldn’t have eaten it anyway) and then have us for dinner sometime. Problem was the snow had started, and I didn’t want to drive as far as her house. So we met in the parking lot of a liquor store. I wondered what people who were watch were thinking? Anyhow, it all ended well, and I think all parties involved are now happy.

Met my friend for ‘lunch’ the other day. Well, she was on her lunch break. I had bought some popcorn from her son. I like to support the scouts, but it really isn’t about the popcorn for me (in face, half the time we forget to eat it.) It’s more about making a donation, and supporting a friend, as well as an organization I believe in. She laughed at me, cause I had to ask how much I owed her, followed quickly so what did I get?

I have been doing much knitting these day (sanity saver, sure I’ll be doing MUCH more over Christmas break). I have a pair of socks I started over (Canadian) Thanksgiving, a Branching Out I can’t tell you how many YEARS I have been working on it (seems this knitty was published spring '05, you do the math). I have a blanket that is a long term project, which I work on a bit every couple months, and a amigurumi turtle for DH, and my first attempt at shadow knitting a dish cloth. Those are just the projects on my coffee table, not the ones in my basket, or my spare room, or on my projects- in- progress shelf.

Going through my stuff, I discovered how much of a slacker I REALLY am (are? is? be?). I found 3 projects that I have knit, but never felted. I am afraid that I will have to work on those after Christmas. Might be a good way to hide from family? Hide in the laundry room? Ha ha

I have about 4 Christmas themed books on the bed stand, waiting to be read. And the problem is, I keep looking at the shelf and seeing more. Wanna place bets as to if I actually get to them on time?

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