Saturday, December 13, 2008


Is 2009 going to be my year of the book challenge? With all the new book challenges popping up on the web, I have been thinking about signing up. I have never done a book challenge, other then challenging myself to read a certain number a year, which I have been doing for years now… I’m not sure if I want to dip my toe in with 1, or if I want to sign up for a bunch and hope I can make them overlap. The other thing is, is the learning curve greater on one way over the other? And would I enjoy it? Would it motivate me, or would it be another obligation?

These are the ones I’m debating joining:

Chick-lit challenge
Rescue book challenge
Harlequin/ Silhouette romance reading challenge

Support you local library
Seconds Challenge
Young adult challenge
A-Z challenge

Help?! Any advice, input or experience you have had, would be appreciated… =D

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