Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas re-cap...

This year Christmas has been lovely. And never ending…

-Went for traditional Chinese food dinner with FIL and step-MIL on Wednesday the 17th, as they were going out of town.
-MIL arrived on the 20th and we all went for lunch, and to SIL’s for coffee.
-DH went out for lunch with his family on the 23rd.
-25 was a wonderful day spent with my family in the morning, and DH’s mom, sister and brother in law for the rest. Gifts were exchanged, food was eaten (we had goose! What a treat, and oh so yummy. And ham. And lots of other wonderful things. And chocolate. And cookies. And many MORE wonderful things. I felt like all I did was eat for 16 hours straight! ;D), and laughter was shared. It was a great day.
-yesterday was quiet, and the only boxing day shopping we did was Chapters (books).
-today is a stay-in-and-play day
-tomorrow we are going with my family for dim sum. Only had it once, but it was good. Looking forward to trying it with a large group (more stuff and different stuff). Yum!
-Monday we are taking my MIL to Build a Bear. It’s kind of a tradition. She lives in the states, and when we are together and there is a BaB around, we go make one together. It started when we got married; she took me and my sister in law to build one…
-sister in laws birthday. Going out to dinner (OK not really Christmas, but still busy and adds to the festivities)
- new years eve. Joint party at SIL and BIL’s house. For birthday and new year.
-then we should be clear to sit around the house and relax until Monday when DH and I go back to work.

Never this busy, even at this time of year. But I’m not complaining. It’s been fulfilling and fun. =D

I have been doing some knitting. I finished my mobi-ass basket, now I just have to felt it. Also, I have been picking away at a pair of toe-up socks, made following Wendy’s Pattern. I see the appeal, but I can’t see myself making every pair of socks this way. I like it as an alternative though. Still working on the never-ending blanket. I think it’s just about time to take a break and weave some ends in. Also, because my last one was such a flop, I have been working on another Calorimetry. So far, it seems to be working so well.

Got some books for Christmas. Some from others, some from myself. :P
From my Santa thing pal, I got Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, and Tell No One by Harlen Coben. (scroll down for post) I’m already half way through Tell No One, and can’t get enough. From my MIL I got Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen and yesterday DH and I went to Chapters, and I splurged on Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn, Death Perception by Victoria Laurie and No Time for Goodbye by Linwood Barclay.

I am a pretty avid movie watcher too. Mostly we rent from or watch what we have, but lately we haven’t been buying as many, especially kids. So you know what I got for Christmas? Cars, Prince Caspian andShrek the Third. If I’m every home for an evening, it’s gonna be a great one! :)

Family was very good to me this Christmas. On top of the things I have already listed, I got a set of Rachael Ray pots, a bunch of new clothes (ALWAYS needed) and some jewellery (a pair of earrings, two necklaces, one that glows (for fun) and one pretty one, and a bracelet), also the obligatory stocking stuffers of toiletries, chocolate and the like.

So, did you have a good holiday? Who did you spend it with? What did you eat? Was there something special you gave or received?

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