Monday, November 24, 2008

My DH and I went to a writing class put on through the city’s continuing education program this weekend. It was so… I don’t really want to use the word fun here… interesting? Inspiring? Informative? I have never taken a writing class, but one of DH’s degrees is in writing. It wasn’t your typical writing class (I don’t think). There was about 10 people, all with different interests on what we wanted to write. She did cover editing, and how to set up chapters, and copy right, how to do an outline and stuff like that. But she talked a lot about things like, don’t be intimidated, and how to get started, and what to do if you are stuck, she gave us some helpful websites, and discussed reference book. She had a ton or anecdotes. It was the type of class you walk out of, and feel ready to tackle whatever you were taking. I will defiantly take another class from Debbie Elicksen. And if you ever have the chance, you should do the same.

I have to go now, I have a lot of writing to do tonight… ;)

(oh, look! knitting!)

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