Friday, April 28, 2006

I am making progress on my magicloopsockthatrocks sock. Still not big on the name. I’m kind of leaning toward Henry. Anyhow, today I will be starting toe decreases and should have a picture of a finished sock for you next week.

Remember back when I bought that lovely Noro silk? Well, I started a purse from Modular Knits (Picture of purse on bottom) I like the way it’s turning out. Maybe I’ll have more time to work on it this weekend…

Watching: Grey’s Anatomy- Season 1 and Flightplan
Reading: Into The Garden- by V.C. Anderws
Listening: Heart of Darkness- by Joseph Conrad at Librivox


Gwen said...

I've got Grey's Anatomy Season 1 Disk 1 to watch as well. It's supposed to rain in Kansas City tomorrow, so Grey's and knitting is the plan.


Lissa said...

yeah, I’m addicted to that show... my Dh teases me because I have started saying “seriously?!” all the time and it drives him crazy… with that said, he has to work for part of today, and said that I wasn’t’ allowed to watch until he got home…. hmmm

Jenni said...

Gonna have to rent "Grey's Anatomy," I think. This has got to be the third time I've heard/seen it referenced in the last 24 hours, so it must be worth a watch! Did you like Flightplan?

The Modular Knits purse is really cool! I'm looking forward to seeing progress! (Gotta love working with the Noro!)

Lissa said...

You should rent Grey's Anatomy, if only for the reason that patrick dempsy is in it. DH hate the soap type format, but even he looks forward to it every week. i think that has more to do with the women, but whatever. the only down side is it's only season 2 now, so it doesn't seem like there is nearly enough to rent.

flight pan unfortunatly got tabled for this weekend, but i'll let you know when i see it.