Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ok, so I knit up my bag (from second treasury of mobius knits) and it didn’t look bad. I mean, for a pre-felted bag. I always think these look a little loose and wonky.

I’m not sure what happened. The blue part went a little smaller then I had thought, but I can live with the. The grey part is still long and barely felted.

So now I have a dilemma. Do I leave it a little funky? And would I use it if I did? Do I try and felt it more, and stretch out the blue part after? Do I try and felt only the strap? Is that possible?

I have my guild knitting retreat this weekend. I might just take it and see if I can get some input there… or I might just leave it for a while and see if anything else comes to me…

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Jenni said...

It's cute "as is" in the picture; definitely funky, but that's a good thing!

Did you use two different yarn brands? They say different brands may felt at different rates, but it seems to me that different colors may affect felting, too. I'll be interested to "hear" if anyone in the guild has a suggestion.