Saturday, October 22, 2011

Character Photo Mini Challenge #readathon

I am starting the readathon off with Hell Fire by Anne Aguire. The main character is Corine Solomon. She carries a dog around in her purse (ok, it's a chiwawa, not a bisch-tschit, but we use what we have). She has an ability to read object histories by touching them. this is the photo i took...
(even HE thinks it too early to be up, doing this crazy reading thing...) ;)


Jessica said...

I love Ann Aguirre! Happy reading!

Alyce said...

How cute! Great photo choice!

Anonymous said...

Hehe. Surely, that cutie's going to ask something in return from you, Lissa, for making him extra early just to read. :D

If you need some cheering up, I'll be over at twitter: @travelingreadr. Good luck, good luck! ;)


Lissa said...

jessica- thanks, me too. it was a good one too! now i can't wait for the next.

Alyce- thanks. i think this one was a little early for all the participants ;)

thetravelingreader- oh, i'm sure he got and extra share of cuddles that day, with all his people sitting around reading... i think he is happy (if not completely awake) ;)

thanks for stopping by guys. it really makes a difference (even if it took a while to reply, sorry, i was busy reading, and then recovering...) =D