Friday, July 08, 2011

Stampede Related Reads?

Today was the official kick off to the Calgary Stampede 2011. It is a combination of chuck wagon races, rodeo, shows (complete with fireworks), and a fair with all the rides and games and foods you would expect. And this morning was the parade to kick it off, where half the city takes the morning off. It’s a big deal. Maybe more so this year, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in it. Calgary is a city of just over a million people, and they were predicting 400,000 at the parade this morning. The Stampede is a tradition from way before I was born, but as I have lived here for all my 36 years, I always remember it. I remember having ice cream with g-ma on kid’s day, going with my friends as a teen, and even gambling in the adjoining casino on my 21st birthday. (That is the upside/downside is my birthday is always in the middle of the stampede (depending if you are a glass half empty or half full person)).

So because this is a book blog, I started thinking, what would be a couple good stampede tie-ins? It could be a western, a romance with cowboys, a story that takes place at a local fair, something to do with parades, this year maybe even something to do with royalty. So, my question, what are your suggestions for stampede related reads?

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