Friday, July 22, 2011

Drive thru Bookstore?

What if we could have bookstores that have drive thrus, just as we do fast food? That is a question DH and I have repeatedly visited over the years. We have owned an online bookstore for over 5 years now. We have talked occasionally through the years of taking the plunge and opening a brick and mortar store. Then we had our local McDonalds close, and sit empty for a long time. We talked, jokingly, about using that space for our bookstore. Then one day we talked about keeping the drive thru window. Just imagine it…

College student? Call ahead with you reading list for the semester, we could pack it up and have it ready to go for you. Special book you can’t find? We could track it down and call you when it’s in for you, and you could drive through and pick it up. Specific read you want? Call to see if it’s in, we could hold it for you, you could swing by and get it on the way home from work. Busy mom, with a van full of kids? Hit the drive thru. Think of all the options!

Would you use a drive thru bookstore? What would you use it for?


Laurie said...

So fun! Dunno how it'd fly, but wow, what a concept!

Lissa said...

you are right, it's probably not practical (which i probably why we haven't done it). but it's still fun to imagine. =D