Tuesday, April 27, 2010



Title: Betsy~Tacy

Author: Maud Hart Lovelace

Date Finished: April 10, 2010

Personal Book Count: 15 out of 100

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre/ Subject: elementary school fiction

First Line: It was difficult, later, to think of a time when Betsy and Tacy had not been friends.

Why did I pick this book?: I heard a lot of buzz about young girls reading this right now, and wanted to see for myself.

Summary and Review: taken from wikipedia page-

“The book is mostly about the adventures of five-year-old Betsy Ray and her new best friend, Tacy Kelly. It takes place in the fictional Deep Valley, Minnesota- based on Mankato, Minnesota, the author's home town. This first book is set in roughly 1898-1899. The adventures between the two friends range from the real life (such as going to school for the first time, making a playhouse out of a piano box, and dressing up to go calling) to the extraordinarily fanciful (such as being taken for a ride in the bread man's magic wagon by his talking horse, and flying away on a cloud while enjoying a picnic). The fanciful adventures are provided by Betsy's active imagination and her love of telling stories. The book deals with the themes of shyness, with the birth of new siblings, with the joys of an active imaginations, and even touches on death within the family.”

This cute little book was a perfect first book for the read-a-thon (not sure I could have handled much else at 6:00 AM). It is a light old-fashioned book filled with adventure and imagination. I think it would be fun to read with a little girl. The individual chapters are like a story in the story. It lends itself well to being put down and picked back up, or read straight through. I am happy I picked the first in the series to read, as it was interesting to see how the author chose to launch it. Even as an adult I can see why it was so popular then and now.

Agree? Disagree? Recommendations? Any insights, suggestions, or comments on the book or format, or blog at all are most welcome. If you have read this and/ or review it yourself, please let me know. Can you think of any books like this? Give me a recommendation! =D

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