Monday, February 23, 2009

Lost and Found

Title: Lost and Found

Author: Carolyn Parkhurst

Narrator: Blair Brown

Date Finished: February 22, 2009

Personal Book Count: 16 out of 100

Rating: 4 out of 5

Genre/ Subject: Audio, Fiction

Summery: “What do a suburban mom and her troubled daughter, two recently divorced brothers, a pair of former child stars, born-again Christian newlyweds, and a couple of young millionaires have in common? They have all been selected to compete on Lost and Found, a daring new reality TV show. In teams of two, they will scour the globe - from Egypt to Japan, from Sweden to England - to battle for a million-dollar prize. They must decipher encrypted clues, recover mysterious artifacts, and outwit their opponents to stay in play.
What starts as a lark turns deadly serious as the number of players is whittled down, temptations beckon, and the bonds between partners strain and unravel. Before long the question is not only who will capture the final prize, but at what cost.”- Copied from

Why did I pick this book? : This one I discovered on someone’s blog, and the description looked interesting. DH says I’m a reality TV junkie, so why not a book?

Review: I really like this book for what it was. It was a light, fun, humorous read. I was listening to this one while I worked, or even just when I was playing games. It had me hooked. I love that every chapter was told from the perspective from a different character. Also, being an audio book, it was neat to hear all the different voices and characters Blair Brown came up with. I really enjoyed this ladies reading style, and would definitely read other books narrated by her. I think it helps to be a reality show fan, but I don’t think it’s necessary. A great deal of this book is about how the characters relate to each other (their partners, and others) and dealing with stuff from their past, and revealing their motivations. Ending was a bit predictable, but that doesn’t take away from the rest of the book for me. And besides, I think I would have been a little disappointed if it had ended any other way.

Agree? Disagree? Recommendations? Any insights, suggestions, or comments on the book or format, or blog at all are most welcome. If you have read this and/ or review it yourself, please let me know. Can you think of any books like this? Give me a recommendation! =D

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