Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I know I have been a little MIA (on blogging personal stuff, if not book stuff). I have been reading a lot, but not finishing much, knitting a lot and making some progress, and catching up of after Christmas cleaning, laundry and other stuff I let slide (ie work). Even seen a couple movies (on DVD of course, who had time to leave the house? =P)

So instead of doing a post of what I have finished, I’m going to do one on what I’ve been doing…

The Departed- only watched fist half, never got it at all

Shrek the Third- cute buy not what expected. Not as good as the first 2

Cars- re-watch for me. cute

Ironman- a little disappointing for a super hero movie, but OK.

Escape to Which Mountain- old and cheesy. But good to watch it again ;)

Dark Crystal- had never seen all of it. Disturbing, dark puppets

Sex in the City- funny. Just like the TV show, but more…

Sweater-have about 6 more inches to go on the hood one the first half of Arwen (click, then scroll down). If truth be told, we are still having a bit of a love hate thing...

Socks- working on a sock club kit (link in sidebar)

Twilight- about half way. I can see why all the teens are going wild for it…

The Alchemist- easy read, waiting for moral, although, hole thing could be moral

A Horse and His Boy- yes, still, I enjoy it, but it always seems to be the one that is pushed aside

How I Write- Evanovich is always entertaining, even in NF

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist- only 2 chapters in not sure yet

True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters- ditto

Watership Down- yes, ditto on still. But I’m still persevering. Until I finally quit all together :P

Widows of Eastwick- this is my ARC from yesterday. About 1/3 done, and so far, enjoying it

I’m debating watching Lost tonight. On one hand, it’s one of my fav’s, and will refresh my memory from last season. On the other hand, it’s on for 3 hours, between 9 and midnight, and I’m not sure if I can make it that long… we’ll see. There is something very appealing right now with crawling in bed with one of my books and a hot cup of tea… =D

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