Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Time to Vote...

Ok, all you silent lurkers who never have anything to say, here is your chance to have an opinion and stay anonymous. I need some help deciding what to do with this sock, and I’m hoping you can tell me what is what…

I have this sock that I have to build a heel (and toe) in to, and I’m not sure what to do. I found a few options.

So based on the picture, do I add a heel in blue, red, green, or try and do something funky with the striped yarn I’m using?

what colour should i use?
same as sock
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Vote now! And check back in a few days to see what was chosen!

(Man, this is too fun! I always wanted to do one of these things!)


Jenni said...

Would you do the toe in another color, or continue the stripey yarn? (Pretty sock, by the way!)

Lissa said...

i think i'll do the socks in the voted for color...unless there is a tie, in which case maybe something weird like the toe in one colour and the heel in the other... (thank you, i didn't like the yarn so much when i started, but i think it's growing on me, i think i like it better then straight stripes, the flecks are fun!) :)