Monday, February 13, 2006

I have this issue that I can’t sit in front of the TV doing nothing but watching. Used to drive DH crazy, because either I am up and down doing 100 different things, or I am knitting, and my hands are always in motion. Cuts down on cuddle time, but seems like a good compromise. Now that the Olympics are on and we are watching lots more TV, I have been completing lots of knitting.

First is the draw string bag from LMKG. I used some left over opal sock yarn, and I love the way the stripes turned out.

Next is a little funny looking, but it is supposed to be a name tag. You see, the guild asks that you wear one to the meetings. Makes sense to me, cause I don’t think I could every remember 100 names. But I decided that I wasn’t going to settle for a generic, name tag. No, I’m a crafty girl; I would make one that reflects this. My track record with knitting with 2 colors is not great, so I thought this would be a good time to practice. Not bad. Except the edges roll. And it’s bigger on top. And how do I attach it to me, other then a big ugly safety pin? I think I might try and block/starch it… but as I used stash, I don’t know what the yarn is, so if either of these would work. Any ideas would be most helpful and appreciated.

I do actually think I like the lettering though!

Yea me!

I had this mystery yarn that showed up in my stocking this year. It is soft and there are three balls of it. This is all I know. I’m going to do a couple swatches to figure out gauge, and needle size, but I had no idea how much there was, so what I should make. I asked my handy father to make me a niddy noddy, and this showed up on Sunday!

That is the mystery yarn in the photo under it. Now I know I have about 350 per ball, or 1050 yards total. Now, what to make? I keep flip flopping, but am totally open to suggestions. Don’t think I have enough for a sweater, as my hips tend toward the ‘very soft’ side. I’m going to have a think; the perfect project will come to me.

In the mean time, GO CANADA!

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