Thursday, February 02, 2006

I got my sock of the month kit today! And the best part? It’s pink!!

(If you know me, you know it’s all about the pink!)

Now I have to hurry up and finish those purple ones, so I can start this new prettiness…

Went to the hockey game last night (for DH’s Christmas present), and although we lost, it was a really good game, and ended in a shoot out… I’m in a bit of mourning, because they traded Reinprecht to Phoenix last night. I’m sad, because I knew his grandparents, so I feel like I knew him. Is that a little weird? Not like we are going to be hanging out if he were to stay, but anyway…

There was a kid beside me about 6 years old and he was bouncing up and down on the seats and cheering and I think he was having more fun then anyone in there. Then every once in a while he would day things like, “did you see that mom? That was hooking; he is going to get called!” And then if he didn’t, he would complain about the ref’s. He was so cute; it made for an even more interesting evening. The sad part was that after DH explained to me what hooking was, he said the kid was right. I guess the ref’s were really bad last night only calling our team for penalties. Or maybe it just seemed that way because it was our team. The whole place booed them, and cheered the national anthem. I don’t know which is more disturbing. I guess it’s a sports thing.

We have been watching 24 these past couple of weeks. It was never a series that we got into, but everybody raved about it, so we rented the first season on DVD. It is such a good show. It is incredibly violent, but if you can get past that, the story is really good! It’s hard to stop watching sometimes to do things like…um… eat and sleep. I think we are hooked, but don’t’ know how we are going to deal with it when we can only watch one episode a week. At least we have a couple more seasons to go before that happens.

I have been knitting, but I am so close to the completion of a REALLY big year long project, that I want to wait to show pictures. Should be done by the end of this weekend…

And to leave you this week I say, “Shave my poodle!” (Phil Stubbs is so funny!)

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