Wednesday, February 08, 2006

As promised…


I actually manage to finish two ongoing projects this weekend. The first was the socks from my sock of the month club. They knit up really fast in cascade 220. I altered the pattern around the top of the cuff. My other problem was they are purple. Purple doesn’t like my house very much, although they were warm, and I have bare floors here. They have gone to live at my moms. They fit her very well, and purple lives VERY well at my parent’s house. Fun little project with some neat color work. For anyone keeping track, that is 2 kits so far, and 2 I have been very satisfied with.

The other project was one that has taken just over a year. I took a blanket making class starting January 2005, for about 6 weeks. It was through the cities park and rec program. (which I hear knitting classes have been cancelled) We used Shetland Chunky yarn so it’s fairly thick, warm and washable. The class was on baby blankets, but I wanted to make a lap rug, so I just made twice the squares. Half are the teacher’s pattern, and half I improvised. I used 2 colors of green, to match my sofa, and the decoration is beige. I think the trim finishes it off nicely, and “makes” the blanket. I will make another one, but not right away.

Then I spent the rest of the weekend working on the hobo bag, from chunky knits. I added a liner for strength and protection. I have the pieces blocked and started to sew together, so should have pictures of that one soon. Today I think I start on of the drawstring bags from LMKG.

That’s about all for today. Lots of knitting time this week, as DH has group meetings on Tuesday and Sunday, and I have Kenny tonight. Maybe I’ll even squeeze in some work ;)

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