Sunday, January 15, 2006

Knitted bliss…

This weekend hubby had school on Friday and Saturday. That means I spent all day on Saturday watching Pride and Prejudice and knitting. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Colin Firth?)

Needless to say, I got quite a bit done.

I don’t know how well it pictured, but the pink thing is my first Titbit, it’s not quite done. I need to find something to weight it, stuff it better, find the perfect button, seam it up and block it. But it’s pretty darn close, and I thought it good enough for a pick. I recommend you try it. I like the pattern, it was easy to remember, and knit up nicely. My excuse was, I had no one to knit for, but now it’s not an issue.

I finished my first pair of socks from my new sock of the month club. This was a pattern I thought might be a little complicated, as it used 3 different size DPNS, but it wasn’t, and I really like the effect of the 2 yarns.

Don’t know if you saw my purple sock the other day, but it has since been frogged. I decided to go with a simple gold stripe, and that will hopefully be a manageable tension for me. We will see. I will keep you posted. That is one I am also enjoying, and it is soft, and a thicker wool, so it knits up fast.

If you can see the green thing in the back ground, it is the lap blanket from the class I took a year ago. I had the squares done in September, but with my MIL’s visit, the funerals, and Christmas, it never got any further. This weekend I had time to spread it out and work on it. I got the stripes sewn to each together, but the rows haven’t been put together yet. It’s coming along though. All that is left is sew the rows, do the edging, and the decoration. Pictures soon Peggy!

DH and I had a date night last night. This isn’t something we do often, because, well, I guess we are just lazy. We can never think of anywhere to go. We never bother to go to a movie, because we always watch movies at home, so why leave? We thought about going to the zoo, but I’m glad we decided against that, as there was quiet a bit of snow when we woke up this morning. What we did is we went to Moxies for supper, and then walk back down the mall, and spent sometime drinking coffee and looking at books at chapters. It was a good evening out, and after not seeing each other for 2 days, we had things to talk about, and really enjoyed each others company.

DH starts his new job tomorrow, so we are super excited about that. I think it will be more work and longer days, but I think it will be good for him, if a little bit of an adjustment around here. I was really enjoying having him home with me at 4:00. I think I’m gonna miss him for a while, but I could use a little longer work day too, so it will probably be good all around.

I have been offered another job, one day a week, but I’m thinking on whether or not I want to pursue it. It is similar to what I do on my other job, one evening a week, with a special needs boy, but this time it would be 2 girls that are a little older, in the day time, and out of the home. I’ll keep you all up to date with what I decide.

Here is a picture of Cooper with his winter coat. I think he is cute all shaggy…

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Gina said...

A tit-bit spotted in the wild!!!
Yours is the first I've seen in blog land!!!
Way to go Melissa!!!