Saturday, December 10, 2005

christmas and movies

This weekend (past) was packed with fun as well as work. We spent all day Christmas shopping on Saturday, and cooper spent his first day in doggie daycare. Both dog and Lissa survived. We saw family for Sunday dinner and tree decorating. As I was putting the lights on the tree, my mom tried to pull a coffee table out of the way, to allow for more space. She broke 2 of the legs right off, and dumped the ornaments, plants, and everything else that was on it on the floor. We all stopped and looked. My mom started to fake cry, and said "oh, no! I spilled my drink." Now you know a little about where I get my sense of humor. Lol. She followed it up by saying, we were gonna need more room in the living room for Christmas anyway. I am glad that she can always laugh and look on the bright side, and that is a trait that I would like one day.

We also saw 2 rentals this weekend. Mystic River and Garden State. Both get 4 stars on the combines DH and Lissa rating scale. I think I liked Garden State more. They were both weird, in very different ways. Mystic River was almost more of a mystery, but dark. There was an event that happened in the life of 3 friends as children, which followed them into adult hood. It had a "twist" ending, although we found it predictable, and throughout I had the feeling that I had seen something very like it before, either in a movie or book. Don't know what though.

Garden State I would say was closest to a romance/comedy. Hubby liked it, because it had Natalie Portman. I found it an interesting story line, that flowed well, and had a couple moment that made you stop and think. The main character has an eventful life, although almost hard to buy into in this type of movie. Dh said it was written, directed and stared Zach Braff (Scrubs). He compared the movie to "literature". Interesting watch for a Saturday night. Now that I have had a little time to digest it, I think I would like to see it again. Best line: "good luck exploring the great abyss."

You noticed there was no knitting in this blog entry too, eh? Hmm... I guess I'll have to do something about that next time...

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