Saturday, October 29, 2005


Yes, it true. They have the run of the house. They make a mess. I’ve seen five (and even got a photo.) It’s mice. And they are everywhere. At least it’s the kind that the cats LIKE to chase.

I used Wendy’s pattern for cat nip mice , and scraps of yarn. The cats love the catnip, and have found these things everywhere in my house. I think I have created a couple of addicts. *sigh*

2 of these are on there way to Saskatchewan to surprise a couple of special furry friends out there. I hope they like them as much.

I have also finally finished hubby’s wrist warmers. As modeled by the recipient.

I guess it hasn’t been that long, but I felt like I have to make myself do it, especially on the third pair. I think I’m ultra bored, and mine are gonna have to wait a while. That is ok. Do feel too bad for me. I went to the local yarn store today, and found this for me. I love the warm colors, and i think the pattern will be fun to knit up. I always wanted an ear-flpa hat. Now I just have to squeeze it in with all the Christmas knitting I’m doing, as well as the UFO I promised myself I was gonna try and finish. We’ll see… this is fun, right? What I want to do, gets done, when I want it done.

Off to finish socks, maybe start hat, and watch Saturday TV…

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Wendy said...

Sorry about that rodent infestation. I have similar problems in my home.