Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bird Rant...

I hate birds. No offense to anyone. That is just the way it is, and always will be. They are pretty in the zoo to look at, but that is about it. At home they, scatter seed, poo everywhere, and are loud. Now my in-laws have birds (and yes, I STILL married in to the family…) the thing with there bird is they are all of the above, but also expensive and long living. They have an umbrella cockatiel that I believe they spent thousands of dollars on. And it’s only 5 years old. These things live to about a hundred. Who do you think is going to get this bird when they die one day? It’s not going to be my SIL, the bird has attacked both her and her fiancĂ©. It’s going to be us, I just know it. Oh joy. Who knows, but the time that comes around, it might be just about time for a divorce ;).

Anyhow, this minor rant has brought me to some knitting content! I have actually found a bird that I love! It’s the parrot opal , and just knitting it makes me happy. I’m using a pattern I got from the sock of the month club, and while a bit of fiddly (you really have to hold your mouth right for all those purl 3 togethers) I love it too. I found the stitches on the heel much easier to pick up. At the end of every row you purl 3 (which turns in to garter stitch) and still looks ok when you start to knit up the side.

My big lesson, again, is “trust the pattern”. My brain tries to kick in too much and say “that’s not how I did it before…”. If I follow what is written and not try to over ride it, things turn out just fine. Who am I to assume anyway that I know better then these designers?

I have started reading a book called Shoot Don’t Shoot by J. A. Jance. So far, I like it, but it feels a little romance-y to me, and less mystery. That said I’m only 50 pages in to it. We’ll have to wait and see.

And on a final note, tonight is the season finally of Canadian Idol. All I have to say is GO MELISSA!!!

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Emily said...

Haha! No one could have told me that before I got my bird, but now I know better. :)